As a child I always thought Church was old fashioned and irrelevant to my life. 

It wasn’t until we started going (or being dragged along, as I thought!) to our church’s summer camp and Soul Survivor, a Christian festival for young people, that I really heard the Gospel for the first time. Opening the Bible for the first time, I heard about the new life Jesus freely offers, and discovered that in Jesus there is so much more to life than we could ever imagine.Despite hearing about this freedom in Christ, it was and still is not always an easy journey. Even though I loved what I heard every summer, it was always too easy to slip back into my old ways, getting caught up with worrying about school, relationships and future plans, all of which became religions in parts of my life. 

Moving to University has been a time that has shaped my journey of faith. I have come to know more about who God is, which has impacted every part of my life. Trusting God’s plan for my life has given me new perspectives on everyday parts of my life, such as being able to see beyond my university deadlines and career plans, and I have learnt about who I am. Confident of my new identity in Christ, I have never felt more secure, joyful and peaceful.

Bristol CU