My story truly started when I first came to Bristol. 

I thought I would try out churches even though Christianity at that time was more of a religion to me rather than something I truly believed in. But after about 2 months at this church, I began paying more attention to the sermons, and that was when I first felt like my eyes were opened. It happened every single Sunday at Church, it wasn't just a one-off. Then I was given Uncover John (a witness account of Jesus Christ) and read it for myself, and literally went wowwwww, this is sooooooo amazing. That was when I first truly understood why so many Christians went on and on about the cross of Jesus. I understood how I could truly get to know God for myself, and not just from other Christians telling me 'God loves you'. And now, my life would never be the same and I have absolutely no regrets knowing Jesus. And honestly, its not just me. Other Christians would tell you the same thing, that giving your life to Jesus is totally worth it!

Bristol CU