I have always known about God and the Bible from going to church as a child. God was a distant being who created the world, was written about in the Bible and lives in heaven. I was told that God loved me, yet I never really understood what this meant. 

Starting secondary school was hard. I struggled to make new friends and absolutely dreaded Monday mornings. I remember feeling lonely and scared, thinking: God if you love me so much, please show me. I began going to a youth group where we read small bits of the Bible and discussed and questioned what they meant. This was the first time I realised that the Bible didn’t just tell me how to be a good Christian but it taught me of a God who is alive now. A God who created me, and is concerned when I’m upset. God doesn’t want to tell me how to live my life, but He wants to come alongside and help me. God was showing me more and more how He loves me. And God is offering His love to everyone.

Now at university, as I try to live my life for God, I know I will not always get it right, but God forgives me anyway. Life can and will throw the unexpected at us, but I am assured that whatever happens I will never be alone. God is with us on the adventure.

Bristol CU