I love people, growing up as part of a big family means that I have often been surrounded by others and I can’t bear being on my own!

This is often the first place I go to find my security and identity – in what others think of me. Coming to university I dreaded the thought of being picked on in lectures, often being anxious about what others would think. My relationship became a place where I sought attention and praise, and I spent a lot of time comparing myself to others. Recently I have come to realise how disappointing this is. Placing expectations on people which they can’t meet, and either feeling great about myself or feeling rubbish – it’s not sustainable or satisfying and it is by no means a place to find the security and hope that we are all searching for. We all live for something or someone, I was living for the acceptance of others. But in my experience, these things never satisfy. God offers us much more. Each and every day he offers us an unconditional love, through his son Jesus, and all we have to do is accept that. Knowing this gives me peace and freedom as I spend time with others. 

I know that my identity isn’t determined by what people think of me, but instead is secure in God alone."

Bristol CU