When people first come to University, they try their hardest to find something that defines themselves. 

Whether it’s their social standing, which sports team they’re in, whether they’re getting the highest grade in the hardest subject or whether they’ve got the best garms in the ASS. Living as a Christian I know these things are irrelevant in the eyes of God our creator. God doesn’t care who you were or who you tried to be in the past; God doesn’t care which halls you were in, or which subject you study. When you declare yourself as His and live under His rule, you can safely say your identity is in Christ. 

I would be lying if I said I’ve never wanted these things and have never made mistakes, but because I let Jesus define my life I can come back to him and ask for forgiveness. God has given us this promise that there’s more to life, you’d be a fool not to investigate it.

Bristol CU