Q. How does being a Christian offer more to life?

“My parents made it clear to me that you’re not a Christian by relation. That would be my choice to make further down the line if I wanted to.

So football became my religion instead. My Dad played for United as a schoolboy, so all I did and thought about and talked about was football. What followed was pride and an obsession with what other people thought of me and that was my life. When I was 8 my sister passed away. I was so angry at God and left him behind to follow my self centred life.

Six years later I realised there’s so much more than just football and my reputation. They weren’t satisfying me because they never could. They’re temporary, fleeting, insecure. These things we believe will give us value can be lost at any moment; offering no solid foundation. They couldn’t comfort me in my mourning or give me meaning to my life or make me a better person. Deep down I knew God existed and a relationship with Him is what I was made for. It was the only thing that would satisfy. God offered me lasting satisfaction: forgiveness and eternal life in relationship with Him, through Jesus’ death on the cross. 

God offered it. I took it.”

Bristol CU