I like physics. A lot. Always have done. So for years I’ve had this weird conflict between what I was taught in church, and being told that science had done away with God. 

So I decided to just ignore it, and I spent a while just not caring about all that stuff. But as I learned more about the intricacies and scale and wonder of the Universe, I became convinced that it could not be an accident. I saw a universe that was so interesting, so complicated and so obviously lovingly designed that I could not ignore the idea of a cosmic, Universe-creating entity any more. So I opened up the bible, and instead of just skimming over it like I used to, I really read and studied it. I encountered this bloke called Jesus who made this outrageous claim that by following him I could not only know that there was a God, but that I could get to know Him too! That, because of Jesus, I could be ‘adopted’ into a family with him and with the God that breathed out the stars because that same God cares about me!

Well that changed everything; ever since Jesus revealed the character of God to me, my life has become so much more. Because I know that when I study the universe, I’m not looking at the outcomes of a bunch of random processes, but the handiwork and design of a real, living God, who loves everything He’s made, and loves me personally

Bristol CU