I was baptised when I was 15 at the church I grew up in, after going to an event in London called ‘Alive’. Everything I’d previously learnt about the Bible and Jesus fell into place there, where it became clear that Jesus dying and resurrecting is all about freedom from brokenness and sin, and having new and eternal life through Jesus’ sacrifice.

But in the years following this as I finished school, I know my own life was unchanged by what Jesus has done, and I was still just living for myself. In the year I turned 18, I was going to Church on a Sunday, but getting drunk at parties the night before, not realising how it was damaging my relationship with Jesus, and how I was still searching for fulfilment in other things but Him. After finishing school I came to uni - the first few weeks were so hard, I was homesick, unsettled and struggled with my course, and I was so convicted of how little I had ever really depended on God, and how I wasn’t living for him.

But God changed everything for me last term; he has held everything together in my life when I can’t, and works within me to change my heart and my life MORE than I could ever believe or deserve. Being saved by Jesus has shown me there is more to life than drunken Saturday nights and living selfishly- life through Jesus is where I am truly alive and satisfied.

Bristol CU