Many people say that one's beliefs are solely subject to one's upbringing. 

Reflecting upon my childhood there is some truth in that. Growing up in a Christian household, naturally my lifestyle reflected the 'morals' associated with the religion of Christianity. I lived a life focused on obedience for that is how I thought I would please my family, my conscience and God. I tried to live a 'Christian life.' Inevitably growing older, I realised how often I failed to do so and the severity of my rejection of God, living selfishly and for instant gratification. This led me to often put myself down, causing self-doubt. How could God love me? 

However, when I explored further into what God has revealed to us in his Word, the Bible, I began to understand what Jesus achieved on this earth through his death and resurrection. His love for me is more that I can ever comprehend. My sin, my rejection of God has been paid for in full and instead of facing God's just wrath, I stand blameless before God through faith in Christ. It is now precisely because of this that I seek to honour God in the way I live and even when I mess up daily, I know that nothing can separate me from the love of God.

Bristol CU