Coming to Bristol was initially quite a challenge. It was the first time in my life that I had had pretty much complete freedom, and I found it very difficult not to exploit it. I quickly began to drift and fall away from God. My life became controlled by other things, and He really wasn’t a priority at all. As the year progressed, inside I became more and more empty, and I ended up being completely lost.

Over the summer I wanted to get away from Bristol and to try and fix my relationship with God. I opened up to Him and I said sorry for everything that I had done over the past year. I begged Him to come back into my life, and I began to realise that not a second goes by where I am not totally dependent on Him. The extent of God’s love and mercy is truly astounding and, no matter what you’ve done, you are never too far from Him. Even though I still mess up all the time, I am safe in the knowledge that He will always love me. God is waiting to come into your life and, if you just let Him in, He will change it in a big way. A life with Him in it is so much more fulfilling, so much more enriching and so much more worth living. God is so, so good.

Bristol CU