I didn't grow up in a Christian home, we went to church but I never felt that this meant anything, more of a social on Sunday thing. I was just going along in life doing what my friends and everyone else was, I never thought about Christianity. But in the first year of uni I started to realise the things people said were fun weren't satisfying or fulfilling. 

I started going to church with a Christian friend and they also took me to Christianity explored, four bible studies in Marks gospel. I started to understand who Jesus was, and what he came to do. A particular thing that stood out for me was said by a roman centurion at Jesus's cross in Mark 15:39, 'Truly this man was the son of God'. It struck me because I started to realise that this was true and I believed it! I also realised that Jesus was the key to satisfaction, so I put my trust in him.

The hardest thing for me is explaining this change to people, the best thing is that I have eternal satisfaction in Jesus and that's pretty great.

Bristol CU